'I Like Drinking' - INDIANA

'Gold' - Angelika Dusk

'Every Kiss' - Angelika Dusk

'Cat Fight' - Angelika Dusk

‚Äč'Dubbing Artist' - Tom Hickox

'Bugs' - The Keyboard Choir

Teaser - Pixie Geldof

'Scream' - Angelika Dusk

'Right Here Right Now' - The Rad Orchestra

'Drown Out The Light' - Angelika Dusk

'Bars' - Sonny Green

'Nail on The Head' - Duke Special

'In The Clouds' - The Jar Family

'Smile' -Sheila Gordhan

'Please Girl' - The Grifter Kid and The Midnight Raiders

'1914' - The Jar Family

'Not That Good To Be That Bad' - The Grifter Kid and The Midnight Raiders

'On Top' -Sonny Green

'Spinweed' - The Rad Orchestra

'Shoot Me Like You Should' - The Rad Orchestra

'This is This' - The Grifter Kids and The Midnight Raiders

'Brimful of Asha' - Cornershop

'China Doll' - Ded Fly Buchowski

'Montreal' - Wedding Present

'France' - Diva

'Question Time for The Proles' - Compulsion

'Connie I've Found The Door' - Chainsaw Kittens

'Black River' - Big Trouble House

'Squint' - Seaweed

'Cat Fight' - Angelika Dusk

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