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Pop (Feature Film, Comedy) 

Written by Karl Theobald & Simon Blake

If you were to Google “How far would you go to be famous?” you would discover 295 million results! POP asks that very question of its three central characters and explores the impact reality TV and celebrity has had on the music industry. All powerful agent Monty Braker, sets an eccentric music manager a Pygmalion style task; should she make a star of an act of his choosing, she will gain entry to the hallowed halls of the mighty Talent Plus agency. The catch being, the act is the worst Monty has ever come across and she has a month to achieve the goal. A hilarious journey ensues where one person will become a star, one person will get what they want and one person will die! A happy ending of sorts.

Click here for stills from our POP promo shoot.

Country Darkness (a feature film)

Written by Simon Blake

A young man living in isolation, seeking redemption for a sin committed in the past finds a barely alive woman washed up on the shore line. Her nurses her back to health and they begin on a fragile and sensual relationship. The woman has no memory of her past or how she came to be washed up on the shore. However that unknown history is full of blood soaked violence and abuse, in the darkness of the country it will be awakened by those who sought to kill her. To save the man she loves she will need to remember.

Provocative, violent and disturbing, yet atmospheric and haunting, COUNTRY DARKNESS is a horror film with a twist…..It is a love story.

When You Turn To Go (a short film)
Written by Simon Blake

“I always need to take a bit of somebody or something away with me when I leave. So I won’t ever forget. I like to take a part of them for myself; a moment, a matchbox, a page from a diary, a strand of hair, a bruise of lipstick, even a word. Something that proves I was there, but I was never there, never there at all.”

Two strangers who have literally given up on life come together to end the pain. Immersed in the beauty of nature that surrounds them they find redemption, hope and meaning in the possibilities of love.

All Is Desire (Feature Film, Thriller)

Written by Simon Blake


All Is Desire is a bold and visually arresting thriller which bends the pulp noir crime story into a completely new and modern medium. The plot; a maze of truths and half-truths, twists and turns, betrayal and desire. Ten million pounds of drugs in two battered suitcases, a robbery, murder, strange rituals and a sixteen-year-old girl, who will do anything to free herself from an abusive alcoholic father and a town falling in on itself.  Her desire to escape at all costs.


MAY, a femme fatale, strips off her gloss, transforms herself into the girl next door and heads to an interview at a Gothic mansion for the role of Secretary to The Firm; a family run group dealing in prostitution, drugs and the underworld at large.  Using all her skills she ingratiates herself with the family members and attends to their desires until she is utterly irreplaceable, all the time her eye is on a consignment of drugs being held at the house.  She entices the feckless handsome Walter Mitty character (LEO) to steal the drugs and escape to a seaside town.  Whilst LEO gets away, MAY is captured and falls victim to punishment at the hands of The Firm.


At the seaside town, LEO befriends a troubled teenage girl (ESME); desperate to escape her alcoholic father and dead-end life she offers him safe passage by boat to Europe, The Firm are closing in, time is running out, in the end it all comes down to desire……


Referencing South Korean horrors, David Lynch, Steven Shainsberg’s “Secretary”, The Wachowski Brothers “Bound”, the language of Harold Pinter and the visual imagination of The Quay Brothers “The Institute of Benjementa”.   

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