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BLUNT STUFF is a dynamic production company, the stuff we do is atmospheric, passionate, cinematic and lyrical.

The normal production path is promos, commercials, short films and if you are lucky a feature film. At BLUNT STUFF we do things our way, so we thought we'd get that monkey off our back from the get go and started life by making a feature film. That film is 'STILL' starring the amazing Aidan Gillen, a brave and truly independent film. Winner of BEST INTERNATIONAL FIRST FEATURE at the prestigious Galway Film Fleadh!

With 'STILL' in the bag we now want to do more stuff we love with people we admire. We love music as much as we love film, so we got together with a few friends and made some music promos. We leave nothing on the table and everything on the screen. There are only 3 of us, Colette produces, Simon directs and Farah does everything else!! It works. We are lean and mean and we will make whatever budget you have go as far as we can take it.

At the moment we work exclusively with director Simon Blake. He is an award winning director and has vast experience working on promos in Britain and the US as well as in theatre, dance and film. Check him out at


Our mission is to develop creative relationships to produce innovative, original and beautiful films, promos and commercials.

We have just completed a new short film, SITUATION COMEDY, which is currently being submitted to film festivals.


We are also delighted to announce we are shooting our second feature ITHACA in Suffolk and London in 2024.  Below is a teaser introduction for the film to give a bit of an idea of tone and atmosphere. It's not an official trailer.  We are currently engaging HOD’s and are out to cast. For regular updates visit our Instagram site ( and for more details go to our ITHACA page.

Ithaca Teaser

Situation Comedy (short film) Trailer

Blunt Stuff Promos

Blunt Stuff Commercials

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